Nail Stickers: Ingredients Deep Dive

Nail Stickers: Ingredients Deep Dive

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One of the questions we get most, aside from "what are nail wraps," is, "What are Nails Mailed nail stickers ingredients?" This article talks specifically about our classic nail wraps (our gel wraps can be found in another article).

Ingredient names can be confusing and we believe that you should feel comfortable with the products you use. So, we are here to tell you all about the ingredients used in our products & put your mind (and your nails) at ease.

Nail polish formulas vary from brand to brand, but the building blocks remain the same (cellulose, plasticizer, coloring, etc.). Luckily, we live in an amazing age of discovery, when harmful chemicals have been largely removed from many polishes, making them safer to use than ever! We are proud to say that our formula is 7-free and cruelty free!

Our 100% polish nail stickers ingredients are 7-free

Before we talk about our ingredient list, let's tackle the million dollar question, what are nail wraps and Are Nails Mailed wraps really 100% nail polish? Simply put, YES! 

We are all used to seeing nail polish in liquid form, so seeing a nail strip labeled 100% nail polish is...a little suspicious. It's dry, after all. Well, mostly dry. After our nail polish is formed into strips, the strips are partially dried before being tightly sealed, to hold in that last little bit of moisture. This way, when you use the wrap, it will still be flexible enough to shape to your nail.

Shows how to apply nail stickers, peel stick and file off excess

Now that we've talked about the building blocks of our wraps, let's get down to the ingredient specifics. Below is a table listing our ingredients, the job they do in our wraps and common places they are found in your day to day life.

Polyacrylic Acid

Thickens polish & helps it maintain its shape

Also found in indirect food packaging and diapers.

Urethane Polymers This ingredient hardens the polish, so it is durable You've also used this in hair gel & eye liner
Cellulose Acetate Butyrate

Binds the polish and gives it shine!

Found in nearly all nail polishes
Adipic (Acid, Neopentyl Glycol/Trimellitic Anhydride) Makes polish hold its shape. Found in many lipglosses
Triethyl Citrate Creates a flexible wrap that is easy to shape to your nail Found in many shampoos and body washes
Butyl Acetate Used as a solvent in polish, helps formula harden Often used as a artificial flavoring in food
Ethyl Acetate Another solvent in our formula, helps polish harden. When you see separation occur in classic polish, you are seeing the solvents separate from the other ingredients. Often used in perfumes. 

      We are excited to live in the golden age of clean beauty, and are even more proud that our nail wraps are a part of it! We love our community and are always here to answer any questions you may have. 

      Glitter nail wraps that are safe and easy to use


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