Blue Nails

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A bottle of Aqua Party Shellac Gel Polish, a glittery aqua shade with a shimmer finish, on a white background. The bottle has a black cap and the polish appears smooth and glossy. A brush is attached to the cap.
Aqua Party Three Step Gel Polish
A round bottle of Baby Blues gel nail polish is shown against a white background. The black label features the words 'Nails Mailed' in white font. The light blue shade of the polish is visible through the clear glass bottle, which has a black cap with a brush applicator sticking out of it. The glossy finish of the polish catches the light, making the color appear even more radiant.
Baby Blues Three Step Gel Nail Polish
Berry Blue shellac nail polish - blue nails by NailsMailed
Berry Blue Three Step Gel Nail Polish
Blue glitter nails | Nail Wraps by Nails Mailed
Big Blue Sparkles - NailsMailed | Blue Glitter Nails
Big Blue Sparkles | Nail Wraps
Clear Blue - NailsMailed
Clear Blue | Nail Wraps
$5.49 $9.99
P.S. I Love Blue nail wraps - glitter ombre blue nails by NailsMailed
P.S. I Love Blue | Nail Wraps
$6.49 $9.99
Blue - Kids Nails - NailsMailed
Blue - Kids Nails - NailsMailed
Blue - Kids Nails
$4.49 $9.99
blue glitter nails and nail wraps by Nails Mailed
Northern Lights | Nail Wraps
Maroon Nail Wraps - a set of solid maroon nail wraps with a glossy finish, showcased against a white background
Maroon - Kids Nails
$4.79 $9.99
Berry Blush | Gel Nail Stickers
$12.99 $13.99