Neutral Nails & Nail Wraps

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Stormy Gray shellac nail polish - NailsMailed
Stormy Gray Three Step Gel Nail Polish
Grey nails & Nail Wraps - NailsMailed
Grey nails & Nail Wraps by NailsMailed
Grey Nails | Nail Wraps
$5.49 $9.99
Image of Nude nail wraps by Nails Mailed, featuring a classic light tan color against a clean white background. These elegant nail wraps offer a universal shade that complements any skin tone, providing a sophisticated and natural look for DIY salon-quality nails at home.
Image of a model's hand adorned with Nude nail wraps by Nails Mailed, showcasing the classic light tan color that gracefully complements the skin tone. The elegant, subtle shade offers a natural and sophisticated appearance, ideal for achieving a salon-quality nude look at home.
Nude | Nail Wraps
A close-up image of Black Gingham nail wraps, displaying a white base with black gingham patterns, perfectly encapsulating fall nails style. Ideal for nail stickers and nail wrap enthusiasts looking for seasonal flair. - NailsMailed
A model's hand adorned with Black Gingham nail wraps, showcasing the contrasting white base and black gingham patterns. A trendy and elegant fall nails look using nail stickers for those seeking a seasonal touch. - NailsMailed
Black Gingham | Nail Wraps
Night - nail wraps by NailsMailed
Night | Nail Wraps - NailsMailed
Night | Nail Wraps
$5.49 $9.99
Lightest Gray - Nail Wrap of the Week - NailsMailed
Lightest Gray | Nail Wraps
$5.49 $9.99
A photo of a single set of Dusty White nail wraps against a white background. The rectangular wraps are perfectly aligned next to each other in the photo, and their edges are slightly curved to fit the shape of a fingernail. The wraps feature a creamy white color with a subtle hint of grey, giving them a unique and sophisticated look. The photo is well-lit and provides a clear view of the product.
Dusty White | Nail Wraps
$5.49 $9.99
Light brown and tan nail wraps with a southwestern-themed doodle, part of the Desert Nails collection from Nails Mailed
Southwest | Nail Wraps
Black Glitter | Nail Wraps - NailsMailed
Black Glitter | Nail Wraps
$5.99 $9.99
Soft Gray - NailsMailed | Gel Nail Stickers
Soft Gray | Gel Nail Stickers - NailsMailed
Soft Grey | Gel Nail Stickers
$11.99 $13.99
Lights in the Night | Nail Wraps - NailsMailed
Lights in the Night | Nail Wraps - NailsMailed
Lights in the Night | Nail Wraps
$5.49 $9.99