Caring for Your Cuticles & Cuticle Health

Caring for Your Cuticles & Cuticle Health

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Caring for your cuticles is very important to solving nail issues. Cuticle health is closely related to overall nail health. If you have unsightly ridges, white spots or dry skin around your nail, giving your cuticles a little TLC will likely solve these problems.

Care is easy with a few simple tricks! Cuticle health is important to overall nail health, as well as making your manicure look picture perfect. After all, nail wraps don't adhere to your skin. Their job is to adhere to your nail. When nail stickers attach to skin it is likely they will peel and ruin your perfect manicure. Read on to learn more about caring for your cuticles as well as prepping for nail wrap application.

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Step 1: Apply cuticle remover liberally to the base of your nail, next to the skin. Allow to sit for 2 minutes. This will dissolve the dead cuticle on your nail plate. It will also soften any live skin that remains, making it easier to push back.

Pushing back cuticles is essential to getting your nail wraps to stick correctly. Get the most of your manicure with proper nail care.

 Step 2: Using a metal or wood cuticle pusher, gently push back the remainder of your cuticle. Avoid any clipping. Remember, care for, don't clip! After caring for your cuticles consistently, hangnails will be far less common. Be patient, you will see results quickly. After you are finished with these steps, wash your hands to remove any excess product.

Cuticle remover is most effective when followed up with jojoba oil cuticle oils

Step 3: Cuticle softener is most effective when followed up with our jojoba based cuticle oils. This will not only soften your cuticle, but the skin around your nail plate as well. However, if you are planning to apply nail wraps immediately after using our Cuticle Remover, wait until a top coat is applied and nail wraps are sufficiently cured before using cuticle oil. 

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