How Clear Nail Polish Can Prolong the Life of Nail Wraps

How Clear Nail Polish Can Prolong the Life of Nail Wraps

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Let's talk topcoat! We talk about topcoat often around here, especially on our social media. In this article, we use the terms topcoat and clear nail polish interchangeably. Why? Because they are the same!

A bottle of topcoat against a floral background

Clear nail polish is often thought of as a simple, transparent finish for nails, but it can actually be so much more than that. In fact, it is an essential part of any nail care routine, and is especially important for for use with nail wraps!

When used as a topcoat, clear nail polish works by forming a protective barrier over the nails, which helps to seal in the color of your nail polish and prevent it from chipping and peeling. Clear nail polish also adds a glossy finish to nails, making them look healthy and shiny. In addition, when applied over nail wraps, it will seal the edges of the wrap. This extends the life of your wraps and keeps the design looking fresh. It also prevents bacteria from growing between nail wraps and your natural nail. 

A bottle of clear nail polish next to a set of nail wraps

Clear nail polish can also be used as a base coat, it can help to smooth out the surface of nails and provide a smooth surface for the nail polish or nail wrap to adhere to. It can also be used to repair small chips or cracks in your nails, making them less noticeable and prolonging the life of your manicure. 

One of the biggest advantages of clear nail polish is that it is super versatile, it can be used alone or as a topcoat for any manicure! Our topcoat is designed specifically for use with nail wraps. You can get yours here! It dries quickly, so that the wraps will not be softened and dries to a strong and lasting finish. We recommend finishing off your nail wraps with a thin coat of our clear nail polish and allowing it to dry completely (for 2-3 hours) before applying another coat, for good measure. To keep your manicure fresh, reapply top coat every few days and your manicure will last even longer! If you've never tried nail wraps, we recommend bundling our topcoat and nail wraps for a discount. Get your bundle here!

We also offer a line of gel topcoats. If you love the feeling of a shellac manicure, this option is great for you! Apply over our 3-step gel nail polish or over nail wraps for a long-lasting finish.

a woman applying topcoat to her hand with nail wraps on her finger

So, will you be using a topcoat on your next manicure? It is a sure way to extend the life of your manicure, whether you choose nail polish, nail wraps, or to go with your natural nail look!

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