Nail Art Made Easy with Nail Stickers


birthday nails by Nails Mailed

Cue the confetti and pop the bubbly! These nail stickers will create the perfect party look. Search Confetti to find this look!

silver confetti glitter nails by Nails Mailed

Big Sparkles displays glitter nails in a classy way with a modern twist. Confetti glitter is all the rage and you can nail the trend with less bulky layers!

french tip wedding nails

French Tip Nails are always a hit. Whether you need nails for a wedding or a night out on the town, we have a French Tip option for every occasion. 

flower nails by Nails Mailed

Flower nails come easy with nail stickers. Get intricate designs in less time. This Mixed Bouquet set is bright and whimsical. 

cow print nail stickers by Nails Mailed

Cow Print is an emerging trend among nail artists. We have adorable options, including pink and classic black and white.

perfect nude nails from Nails Mailed

The perfect shade of Nude is simple and timeless. We have options in nail stickers or shellac nail polish. Get ready to wow!

tortoise shell nails

Tortoise shell nails are a hot new animal print. Choose from options in classic nail stickers or gel nail stickers!